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7 Tips for Applying for Photographic Work

April 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Photo by Corinne Kutz - from Unsplash

I've applied for many freelancing photography roles over the past 15 years and have received a good number of applications to work with myself and the various company's I've worked with. The quality of the applications, not surprisingly vary considerably! I wanted to suggest some tips that in my opinion would make your application stand out from the rest.  

As I write this, I'm expecting that you're a professional or semi-professional photographer who is looking for work from an agency or company that commissions freelance photographers on a regular basis for a fee or day rate. 

Here are things I consider that should be included in your application:

- Do your research about the team and company you are applying to, try and address the email by the name of the person who commissions the photography. I hate "To whom it may concern". 

- Send a portfolio of your work (make sure it's relevant) with ideally a link to a dedicated page on your website including 20-30 portfolio standard images.  Take the time to pull the together images that best showcases your work and is tailored for the role. Don't just send a link to your homepage and expect the viewer to spend time exploring where to find the relevant photos. 

- What's your relevant photography experience? Who are your clients? 

- Where are you based in the country and realistically how far are you willing to travel?

- What equipment do you own? - I know SO many blogs and articles say the kit doesn't matter, but it really does in certain industries

- Confirmation that you have Public Liability Insurance

- Show an understanding of the practicalities of the work they do.  Is it weekend work, early starts and late finishes. Will this work fit in with your families lifestyle?

I hope this helps, good luck and don't forget to manage your expectations about the day rate!! 


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