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SL Packaging Shoot - Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!!

March 16, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Although this is the first blog post I've written with "studio type" shots, I've had a huge amount of experience in studio photography. I've photographed vehicles, furniture, sporting equipment and of course models, but never before cardboard boxes...   

With the wonders of Photoshop, unfortunately for many studios, there are times when I now don't need to hire a studio for these type of product shoots. All of these shots were photographed in the clients warehouse with just a couple of studio flash heads to provide the lighting. When back in the office, I removed the background and inserted a clean, white background.

The brief for this shoot commissioned by SL Packaging, a chilled packaging suppliers based in Cranbrook, Kent  was fairly straight forward, they required photographs of their products showing suggested uses and their size. SL Packaging offer three size boxes. It was important that the photographs illustrate the size differences. The last shot in this series shows the bundle packs including several boxes, foam insulation, ice packs and tape. 

To view all the images used on the live product page, please follow this link.      



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