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Shooting in The Kentish Hare Kitchen

July 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I'd never been in a professional kitchen before, let alone photographed chefs at work during a busy service, this was going to be an exciting and challenging experience! 
In my previous post, I shared photos of the launch party of The Kentish Hare in Bidborough, near Tunbridge Wells. Over the next few evenings my brief with Maxim was to capture the atmosphere of the new pub, including photographs from within the kitchen.
The Tanner Brothers were in every night along with Head Chef Sam Spratt, and were fantastic to work with. They didn't seem to mind at all having their photographs taken within such a busy, hot, tight environment, whilst trying to get to grips with a new kitchen and new environment. I wanted the shots to be creative and provide a narrative, whilst at the same time avoiding getting in the way and interrupting a busy service. Here are some of the highlights:



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