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Images now "stocked" on Alamy

July 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Alamy Stock Agency LogoAlamy Stock Agency Logo I'm sure no one has used that oh so "witty" title...

Poor title aside, I've good news! It's still early days but after twelve years I've finally signed up to Alamy a large Stock Agency to sell some of my back catalog of work. Sports photographer and friend Paul Terry has been a member for 18 months and highly recommended the Agency. So, early this week I submitted an initial selection of images for quality control and am now officially a contributing photographer. 

I've only a handful of shots for sale at the moment, but 40 uploaded awaiting for approval. I've just finished a shoot with some new images to process, caption and upload. The next few months will be spent looking though my archives at what would be suitable for stock sales.

You can view my images by following this link:


I've still plenty to learn about the stock industry, but I'll share my thoughts and discoveries as I learn. 

Have you ever bought Stock images, if so, I'd be interested to know what the image was of and what it was used for? 





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