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Changing Seasons in Tunbridge Wells

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12th September 2012

As I've said before on this site I enjoy shooting my regular commercial commissions but, I feel it is important to be creative and shoot personal projects. This is one such project. Home for me is in Tunbridge Wells in Kent, every morning my wife and I walk our two Greyhounds over Southborough Common past St Peter's Church. I decided that during each morning walk I'd photograph the same shot over a period of time to show the changing seasons. 

The images were all taken on a compact Canon S95, this way the camera could fit in my pocket for the duration of the walk but would still give me excellent quality images. I experimented with a few locations but settled on this camera position for a couple of reasons. From an artistic point of view, I liked the curve of the road and stones leading the eye towards the church, plus the line of trees created an upturned V shape which is visually pleasing to the eye. I wanted to include the large tree on the left of the frame as knew this would be a key element in seeing the change in seasons.

I stood roughly in the same position each morning, using the same camera and focal length then composed the shot using the white stones in the foreground, the tree trunk on the left and the church brick wall on the right of the shot. This gave me continuity throughout the images.

These are only a small selection of the 122 images I photographed over the 10 months. I finished the project in June 2013 as the major seasonal changes had occurred. I'm looking at further promoting the project and would like to see it published in one way or another. One thought I'm considering is to self publish a short book, but that is a way down the line. If you would like to know more about the images or to feature them in anyway please be in touch.       


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