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Running Events - 2013 Highlights

December 16, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Since graduating from my photography degree at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Rochester (now called The University of Creative Arts) I've thoroughly enjoyed photographing sporting events. Throughout 2013 I've been very fortunate to work with Sussex Sport Photography and have been invited to photograph many events with them, some of these have been running races with distances of 10k, half and full marathons to triathlons, aquathons and brutal adventure races. One of the reasons I enjoy this type of photography is the atmosphere at the events. Before the race starts there is a hush of nervous excitement and at the finish line sounds of joy, relief mixed in with a general sense of achievement.

It can often be somewhat of an endurance event for us photographers. Using a large, heavy DSLR with 70-200mm lenses, even monopod mounted, it can take it's toll on our shoulders. On some events it would be normal to be continuously shooting non stop for 2-3 hours for a half marathon and 5-6 hours for a full marathon. But somehow it never feels anywhere near as tough as it would be to participate. 

In April 2013 I photographed the Sevenoaks triathlon, it was a hugely fun event to photograph with a great atmosphere in a beautiful location. In 2014 I've decided to take part myself. I'm certainly not unfit at the moment, but a huge amount of training will be required before April. I'll enjoy a feast at Christmas, then the training will commence in earnest.  

As I wind down towards Christmas, I'm reviewing this year and the commissions undertaken and photographs I've produced. Here is a very small selection of my favourite shots from the 2013 running season.




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