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Red Bull illume 2013

September 02, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I love adventure sports, that said, I tend to spend more time watching other people doing them on TV than participating myself, but whenever I can, I'll find a Kayak to paddle or dig the Mountain bike from the shed. So it has been super exciting for me to follow the results of the The Red Bull illmel Image Quest. 
The Red Bull illumel is now in it's third year and the standard of the entries this year is nothing short of extraordinary. The competition received 28,257 submissions from 6,417 photographers in 124 countries. 
The final 50 are now online, but here are some of my favourites: 

Photographer: Lorenz Holder - Athlete: Xaver Hoffmann - Location Raisting, Germany 

Photographer: Daniel Vojtech - Athlete: Tomas Slavik - Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Photographer: Jeroen Nieuwhuis - Athlete: Erik Journee - Location: Denekamp, Netherlands

Photographer: Lucas Gilman - Athlete: Rafa Ortiz - Location: Veracruz, Mexico

Photographer: Zakary Noyle - Athlete: Gabriel Medina - Location: Oahu, HI, USA

Photographer: Rafal Meszka - Athlete: Emilia Biala - Location: Dahab, Egypt


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