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Six month review as a contributor to Alamy

January 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Therma Freeze Europe Ice Packs

Right, quick update as I've now been a contributor to Alamy now for 6 months. 

Put simply, it's been a little disappointing. Now, I will add here I've not been 100% focused on this project (work, a 22 month old daughter and another one arriving in a few weeks) but I hoped to have at least one image sale by now... But alas, as it stands I've zero sales! I've carefully captioned and uploaded 569 images, these are mostly images from my archive with one "news" sports shoot. You can take a look at my images online here - http://bit.ly/Tony-Rogers-on-Alamy

I had hoped that some of my snowy images would sell in the winter (of course there's still time) or maybe some of the Autumnal Tunbridge Wells landscapes. These are the type of shots that are often found when searching on Alamy. Since July I've only had 5 "zooms" where someone actually clicks on an image to enlarge it, all of those "zooms" have been of the "Ice Pack Physio" images I've included in this post. These are the most traditionally "Stock" images I've uploaded so perhaps this isn't surprising. Perhaps it will be one of these images that sell first?? 

Alamy also gives quite detailed analytics on what users are searching for and it suggests that users are buying pictures of people rather than places. As you'd expect a certain US President-Elect has been popular as has the German Prime Minster. 

My target in the next few months is to increase the images online to around 1000 and hope the extra volume gives some returns. We'll see what happens and I'll update in a few months or sooner if I make a sale. 


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