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Jaguar E-Type Register - Pre Event Photography info

April 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

May Day Bank Holiday once again is the date for the annual Jaguar E-Type Register Track Day. I'll be shooting the 50+ drivers navigating and experiencing the infamous Goodwood Motor Circuit. The drivers go out on track in small groups (6-8) cars for sessions of 15 minutes. Just enough time to warm up themselves and their cars but generally not long enough to get too excited and start departing the black stuff! 

 This will be the sixth time I've photographed this event and my goal is to capture the cars on track from numerous locations around the circuit. I know the circuit well but it is always a challenge to shoot from a new perspective. The image above was taken in 2015 from a "new" position, this image works well as it has an interesting, contextual background - I try and avoid taking images with only grass in the background - I like images where it is apparent to the viewer where the image was taken. 

The first cars are on track at 9am and I have until 3pm shooting before I need to be at my sales desk ready to show the drivers their images. This gives me time to shoot 4 locations, staying at each for an hour - this hour normally allows me to see every car out on track at each location. During lunch (when the circuit historically shuts for an hour) I start the process of sorting the images into "number plate" folders. Doing this is invaluable to speed up the process when the drivers come along to see their photos, if the images are pre-sorted into relevant folders it makes life easy.

On the day this year, I'll be selling hand finished printed photographs plus digital collections of all the images taken. The digital option is by far the most popular as it gives the owners the most flexibility. New for 2016 is that I'll take along my archives from previous years and make those available to purchase. 

In my archive from previous Jaguar E-Type Register events are:

Goodwood - 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

Prescott Hill Climb - 2008, 2009 and 2011.  

In preparation for this years events I've still to curate the Archives to enable them to be accessible quickly from Goodwood, print some new marketing material and posters, plus spend a little time deciding which positions to shoot from on the day.  I'll post a selection of images from the day in the coming weeks. 



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